The forest is covered by the veil of early dawn silence. Steps of the hunters in the rustling forest litters seems too noisy.  The air is prevailed with close attention, the target is at reach. The beautiful game is already within range, halts, sensing danger, and looking around, tries to recognise it. The good hunter is moved by the moment as he becomes one with the forest, the animal and the infinite for some minutes. He can hear the voice: GO ON! ... and  by the time the game is laid by the whizzing bullet, the fresh morning will be filled with a special flush of victory.

Experiences gained during hunting will become memories to be carried for ever and it is pleasant for them to be recalled among friends. The real hunter is driven by a mysterious force not to have a rest until his dreams come true.

If you have ever felt this motivation, if you have ever longed for the smell of the forest and for the slight noise of animal near by, then you know the frustration of returning home empty-handed...
Good results of hunting with NATURHUN, Ltd. Is always warranted!

Our experience and knowledge make it possible to organise hunting complying with your personal needs in order you could return home in any case with the desired trophy.

NATURHUN has the experience and know-how to design and manage tailored hunting programs to be sure that you will bring home the desired trophy.

The sport of organising hunting programs has been our full-time activity for more than a decade. Because of our good relations with the forestries and hunting clubs, and as a result of our flexibility, many-sidedness and creativity, your special requirements can also be satisfied. We have a significant reference file, feedback from our customers is positive.   Confidentiality, as a general rule with us, can contribute to your satisfaction.

You can devote all your time here to the experience with the assistance of our colleague, who besides excellently speaking your language, is an expert in hunting as well. Moreover, the assistant will be at your disposal from your arrival to departure, relieving you of all burdens of administration. You just give all your attention, to the game to shot and finally to relaxation.

You will have the possibility to enjoy mineral water at our thermal spas, to taste our famous wines, to visit our sights and to indulge in cultural programs.

You must be sure you have desered this successful hunting program organised on a high level!



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